An essay on social workers and the relationship with the client

Phenomenology is commonly understood in either of two ways: The discipline of phenomenology may be defined initially as the study of structures of experience, or consciousness. Phenomenology studies conscious experience as experienced from the subjective or first person point of view.

An essay on social workers and the relationship with the client

However, it shall begin by introducing the key concepts that is: In the main body, the relevance of law to social work practice shall be discussed.

Finally a conclusion shall be held based on the findings. It promotes problem solving in human relationships, social change and liberation of people to enhance their wellbeing.

This mission of the social work profession is rooted in a set of core values which are the foundation of social work's unique purpose and perspective: Madden described human rights as a set of guiding principles that are interdependent and have implications for macro, mezzo, and micro practice.

Human rights also have been described as the cornerstone or bedrock of social justice. Human rights are in three categories, the civil and political rights classified as first generation rights.

These include the right to life, fair trial and freedom of expression. Economic social and cultural rights classified as second generation rights. These include the right to health care, education and housing.

Collective solidarity rights classified as third generation rights. These include the right to rights of groups to protect their interests. The word Law has been variously defined by different authorities. According to Black it is defined as normative relations between the state and its citizen.

In other ways law is the set of rules that guides our conduct in society and is enforceable through public agencies or government wings.

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There are several classifications of law, these are public law which regulates the running of the state and how it relates to its people.

Under this there is constitutional law supreme law of the land and administrative law, a guide for the work of administrators as well as criminal law penal law which prescribes severe punishment for those who break the law. They seek to discover the principles that guild people in deciding what is right and wrong Jones, These definitions have been adopted in this paper because they have a direct link to social work practice.

Polarized views have developed. Competence in practice requires both an acknowledgement of the relevance and applicability of the law and also assessment skills inspired by social work values, theoretical knowledge and practice wisdom. Ralph argues that there numerous ways in which laws affects social practice.

Laws authorize payment for specific services. For instance, social workers working for any agency or institution are expected to be remunerated. If that is not done, the law allows the worker to sue the agency or claim for his payment.

Law clearly plays an important role in social work practice today. Substantial legislation has been passed in recent years which have a profound effect on social work practice, notably the intestate succession law Act.

The intestate succession Act was enacted by parliament in to facilitate the handling of the deceased property, debts and credits. By applying the this law, social workers managed to share the property accordingly Post News paper For example social workers can challenge the government, if it does not provide services such as clean water, good sanitation and others.

It also allows professional social workers to engage in some activities that other people are not authorized to perform Ralph, The majority of social workers are employed in statutory agencies such as local authorities whose every action has to be based on some kind of legal power that authorizes it.

For instance, social workers working in the social welfare agency, they work according to the law and as directed by authorities. Social workers must be able to understand not only the traditional social work practice, but also heart of the legal systems and mandates for social work provisions.

This will help practitioners make legally informed decisions ibid. For example, if a client approaches a social worker and he realizes that he is gay, a client must be reported to the police, though it abrogates the principle of confidentiality.

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As a structure within which social workers must practice, in many cases giving evidence in court or providing reports for court. Awareness of court procedures and the roles of others within the justice system may help to ease the anxiety and unease which often accompanies this area of practice and make contact with legal advisers and others in the legal process more effective.In the National Association for Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics, there are many standards a social worker should uphold in order to promote a healthy and helpful relationship with the client.

One such aptitude is Cultural Competence and Social Diversity, which is in section of the NASW code of ethics (National Association of Social  · Creating a relationship with clients is essential to social work, but keeping a professional distance can be a Social work practise "What, in your opinion, are the principal values which underpin social work practice and why are they central to the social work task?" In this assignment I will attempt to define social work values, and explain why they are central to the social work › Home › Coursework › Coursework p - s › Social Work Practise.

· what social workers feel encompasses effective supervision and what encompasses implications on the client-social worker relationship.

The question is, if a safe space illustrate the purpose of supervision in social work to be an activity of ‘teaching, guiding, counselling and directing’ (ibid: 16). Brearer ( 93) Phenomenology is the study of structures of consciousness as experienced from the first-person point of view.

An essay on social workers and the relationship with the client

The central structure of an experience is its intentionality, its being directed toward something, as it is an experience of or about some object. News analysis, commentary, and research for business technology professionals.

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