Third grade classrooms and foldables

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Third grade classrooms and foldables

Graphic way of organizing concepts proposed during brainstorming. Co-op Co-op Cooperative learning method where teams work to prepare and present a topic to the whole class. Emphasis is on student selection of topics, partners, division of labor, methods of presentation, etc.

Coaching Model A model of instruction where the teacher is a guide and collaborator in the student's learning, not the sole director.

Implementing the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach Cognitive Apprenticeship Cognitive apprenticeships take many forms, but the two key components are social interactions to allow students to work on problems that may be too difficult for them to handle individually, and a focus on real world problems using real-world tools.

Third grade classrooms and foldables

Cognitive Apprenticeship Cognitive Dissonance Leon Festinger proposed this model to explain why people change their beliefs when two or more of their beliefs are in conflict with each other.

Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive Learning Models Based on the philosophy that learning occurs when there are changes in mental structure.

Third grade classrooms and foldables

Learning occurs as the result of interactions between the learner and the environment. Cognitive Map The psychological definition of a cognitive map is the framework in the human mind through which we interpret objects, events, and concepts. The phrase "cognitive mapping" has also been used to describe concept maps.

Collaborative Learning Any kind of work that involves two or more students. Collaborative Stories Collages Students gather images clippings from magazines, photographs, or their own drawings and organize them to illustrate a concept or point of view. Collections Could be after class student project or could be classification of classroom collection books or plants, for example.

Collective Notebook A notebook maintained by a group in which each member of the group is expected to add an idea or observation during a specified time period typically each day or each week. The contents of the notebook are regularly shared or published and discussed. Color-by-Number Color Coding Labeling learning materials or concepts with color tags to assist identifying objects or ideas that belong together.

Colored Paper Grouping A method for randomly assigning students to groups in which pieces of colored paper are passed out to students, then students with papers of the same color get toether.

Comic Books Useful for engaging visual learners and encouraging a wide variety of students to become involved in discussions of literature and the wide range of social, scientific, and historical topics covered in comic books.Using Foldables ® in the Classroom Graphic organizers work at all grade levels.

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They seem to be just as effective with primary students as with high school or college students. Studies have been conducted with early elementary (Brookbank, Teaching Social Studies in Third Grade Classrooms”. Efficacy study. The Forum on Public Policy. This study examined the use of Foldables™ to promote the reading and retention of social studies information with third grade students and to enhance their attitude toward social studies.

During the winter of , two randomly selected third grade classrooms (N = 56) served as treatment and control groups. Workshop Attendees. We encourage all USD staff to take advantage of the learning opportunities available at The Learning Center.

Guests from other districts are . Ginger Snaps: Landforms Activity and Gradebook Printable--so cute! Might use for my grade social studies lesson Find this Pin and more on 3rd grade foldables by Stephanie Shrewsbury.

This flipbook will help when first learning about different type of landforms. Foldables can quickly organize, display and arrange data making it easier for students to grasp concepts, theories, processes, facts, and ideas, or to sequence events as outlined in the content standards.

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Third Grade Galore: I Love Foldables!!